The Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada (DMTAC) is an independent non-profit organization mandated to promote Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT) across Canada. DMTAC aims to establish and work on developing a cohesive community of DMT professionals, students and supporters from all provinces. A large focus is on establishing a professional DMT training in Canada.

DMTAC’s mission is to:

  • Promote interests related to Dance/ Movement Therapy
  • Organize, maintain and develop social, educational and professional activities
  • Offer resources and promotion for those interested in Dance/Movement Therapy​​


Board Members
Joanabbey Sack, President
Zuzana Sevcikova, Vice-President
Laurie Potter, Secretary
Lorraine Aston
Tania Lazuk
Amy Éloïse Mailloux


Regional Representatives
Western Canada – Tannis Hugill
Manitoba – Karissa Martens
Alberta – Katherine Cunningham
Ontario – Megan English



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